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Well mi little human friends and dogs, i decided (after a lot of time) dont do an introduction, i´ll better start with a proyect called 'TRAPPED IN THE ISLAND' the audio will be on english with spanish subtitles.

Another thing i´ll do is scan my drawings and pictures because i dont have enough time to the whole cartoon so enjoy my masterpieces and fuck yourselves

my first post

2011-04-16 12:59:54 by flasketch

i dont even know what am i doing here in newgrounds, first than nothing i´m mexican so dont talk me about my ortography. well, i´m an amateur animator of 13 years so as you can imagine i´ll upload flash animations so frecuent as i can, the first animation is an introduction of all the cartoons and the people on it, another good thing is that after sometime i´ll upload flash tutorials. Well, i´m the flasketch productor and all the other things, see ya later newgrounds and people or dogs in the world

THE END (for now)